we develop smart software

h1labs is a tiny studio with international reach. We develop smart and interactive apps from concept to deployment under agile formulas using stable edge technologies.

What can we do for you?

  • Research, consulting & development

    We offer outsourced web and iPhone application development from design to implementation, plus optional maintenance. We can also rescue your existant application, helping to recode it.

  • Eclosion

    Are you in a hurry? We develop a 1.0 version of your project in one month. With this accelerated development program you can test your business idea quickly.

  • Code & interface audit

    We review and report about bottlenecks, optimization, improvements for scalability and code refactoring for existant applications, optionally implementing the solutions to your problem.

  • Mentoring

    Web development, interaction design, usability, Ruby on Rails, behavior-driven development and agile management are our daily basis. We can train your team to develop these abilities or agilize your processes.


Open Source Projects

  • mongo_odm Flexible persistence module for any Ruby class to MongoDB.
  • rack-facebook Rack middleware that checks the signature of Facebook params, and converts them to Ruby objects when appropiate. Also, it converts the request method from the Facebook POST to the original HTTP method used by the client.
  • geoplanet A Ruby wrapper for the Yahoo! GeoPlanet APIs. It’s inspired on Mattt Thompson’s yahoo-geoplanet gem, but this version supports better usage of matrix and query parameters, uses JSON for API communication to minimize bandwidth usage, supports both short & long versions of a place, and supports multiple languages.
  • acts_as_inquirable A helper to wrap an ActiveRecord attribute with ActiveSupport::StringInquirer.
  • dm-observers Plugin that provides observes for DataMapper resource classes.
  • lita-ey-info Lita handler to display EngineYard info.
  • lita-ey-deploy Lita handler to manage deployments on EngineYard.
  • lita-ey-tools Lita handler that provides some EngineYard tools like database dump.
  • lita-chm Lita plugin to shows a short history lesson of the day from the Computer History Museum.